It’s the album we’ve been waiting three years for and let me tell you straight up – it does not disappoint. ANTI, Rihanna’s eighth studio album is unexpectedly different. Great different. A little edgier, a little bolder, a little more soulful, a little sexier (no, we didn’t think that was possible either). ANTI is the perfect example of an album that is stylistically versatile yet completely cohesive. There’s vulnerability (Never Ending), there’s boss ass bitch vibes (Needed Me), there’s the traditional poppy element (Kiss It Better), there’s the upbeat single to dance to (Work ft. Drake) and there’s the kind of songs that you cannot take off repeat, leaving you feeling so liberated, so sexy (Desperado). Filled with deep beats, the kind that move you, that you feel in your soul, combined with Rih’s intoxicating vocals, it’s an empowering album. Would we go as far as to say this is a concept album? Yeah, we would. What’s the concept? ANTI. The antithesis of everything you expected. It takes you on a journey. It’s not a new chapter, it’s a new book.

Previously seen on 10magazine.com.au

ANTI is available on iTunes now.

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