The typical Australian lives at the beach, she loves a good pair of denim shorts and she’s kind of like a hippie but more fabulous. She’s all about going back to basics. The simplicity of an Australian lifestyle. Go-To skincare, founded by the Australian beauty guru herself Zoe Foster Blake is uncomplicated, cruelty-free and so natural. Zoe knows her shit. Trust me. I am the one she tested products on at the age of ten years old when she was Beauty Editor at Harper’s Bazaar. She made me look fabulous and taught me the most important rule of make up – less is more. This is where my love of skincare and make up began. Since then I’ve continued to try new products, looking for my go-to skincare range. So, sincere thanks to Zoe, the perfect person to pull through and create the perfect go-to (literally) for us Australian girls looking for the simple solution. My favourite is the exfoliating swipeys. They just feel so damn good. It’s like testing products all over again but this time they’re hers and it’s ten years later. Oh how far we’ve come.


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