I admit, I have been sleeping (as the man himself would say) on The Life of Pablo. I have woken up and seen the light. The list of collaborations – there’s 13 – are mind blowing. All the favourites. So I listened and I can promise I have not listened to anything other than this album for 3 days. It is indescribable. But I’ll try. It’s moving on another level. It motivates, it exhilarates and it empowers. Its an insight into every little corner of Kanye West’s mind. The good and the bad. It’s fascinating. The vocals seem almost isolated from the instrumental but somehow still blend seamlessly. That’s the word to describe this album. Seamless, organised chaos. I understand why Kanye loves Kanye. Why he puts himself on such a pedestal. Because if this album says anything it really says he is a creative genius.

The Life of Pablo is available on Tidal.

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