Ah the glamour and romance of Hollywood’s Golden Age. What a time to be alive. Well, we weren’t, but fearless British photographer Rankin is taking us there for Emporio Armani’s SS16 collection. A 21st century Golden Age. Immy Waterhouse rocks and rolls her way through this era. She is the Hollywood heroine. The modern day Jean Harlow.  She’s totally liberated, something Rankin always captures – we love his empowering work with women. It’s dream-on and encapsulates right here right now – nothing offensive, well done for sticking to the Production Code, Rankin. And so it pays tribute to what this era was built on – the Studio System, the foundation for that big picture, the epic. The collection comes to life through the films clever filters as layered pinks and corals take over. It’s a new playing field for Emporio Armani, out of the comfort zone. It makes us want to buy it. It’s all part of the Golden Years conversation right now, a time of creativity and exploration, with no limits on self-regulation. So it makes perfect sense. There are no boundaries on the imagination of individuality. Everyone can be a dreamer. The film is captivating. It’s getting our blood pumping. Girls in Emporio Armani, the modern day Hollywood heroines. Welcome to this newfound and really quite explosive Golden Age.


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