P.E. Nation says ‘get the fuck up.’ It’s dark, models loom above us ready to make a move. The screechy squeak  of basketballers running on a court and the thud of a ball bouncing echoes around the room. A heart beat. Flashing lights. Strong women. Like Pip and Claire. Clever, clever ladies. It’s all about being active but looking fabulous doing so. A no brainer, like Pip said in our Ten Carversation. This was a moment. The music was empowering – duh, Nicki Minaj was in the mix. Blinded by the darkness, we felt something different. Finally. Been waiting for that all week. Well done Alice Babidge. Exactly like she says post show, “The music and light can dictate how the audience feel… set a mood… reset the heart rate.” Lets get physical.

Photography by Robin Hearfield



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