Adidas has obviously made a comeback. We’re having a ’90s field day. Madonna made it cool twenty years ago and now it’s back in action. But we’ve moved on from the Superstar sneakers that every man and his dog are currently wearing. We’re now into the full superstar tracksuits. Once upon a time I vowed never to wear track pants. Peasantry, I thought. Now, as I write this I’m sitting in my men’s Superstar track pants – cuffed, of course. Just the other day I was driving through Newtown and saw a lady most likely over the age of 80 wearing a full red Adidas Originals tracksuit. Walking stick and all. And she looked fabulous. Setting trends. The best part was that a few hours later photos of Bella Hadid, master of this ‘athlesiure’ situation, emerged wearing exactly the same tracksuit walking through the airport at LAX on her way to Parié. It’s an Adidas Originals takeover from ladies in fashion to ladies in Newtown. Laura Brown vowed on Instagram the other day she would never use the word ‘athleisure.’ Just wait, Laura. Just wait. Bring on more, Adidas. Just like they say, ‘Impossible is nothing.’ Trueeeeeee. We’re off to order more in all the colours of the rainbow.

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