We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Fashion and music are the OTP. Forever and always. So in a genius idea, Apple Music has launched it’s ‘fashion channel’ and it’s first guest? Alexander Wang. Because he truly appreciates music, if you haven’t noticed. Influenced by hip-hop, R&B and rap during the ’90s, Wang incorporates it into everything he does, from collections to front rows to after parties. Music is always prime. There’s nothing we love more than knowing what someone’s listening to. It’s an insight into their mind, their inspiration, what gets them moving. So Alexander Wang has blessed us with three playlists. HYPE, CHILL AND VIBE. And they’re so good. It’s oozing R&B and rap so we’re not complaining. From Lil’ Wayne’s Lollipop (lol) to some Rihanna (obvs) to A$AP Ferg (TYSM). Thank you so much Alexander Wang for creating three playlists we didn’t know we needed. Will be on repeat for a while. And until then, we’d like to suggest a few people to make fashion playlists. So, @ Apple Music, we’d like Alessandro Michele, Alexa Chung, Demna Gvasalia and perhaps Anna Wintour? Good work, Apple Music. Genius.

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